It’s another writing surge

4 thoughts on “It’s another writing surge

  1. Great work! I’m big fan of the 4 pages/1000 words a day every day minimum.
    I’m also into the idea of having a dedicated writing area and specific writing times every day.+
    I believe that doing the same thing daily like going to the gym or making coffee. This physical repetition makes the process less challenging and becomes a habit.
    Personally I like the morning hours. My brain is not full of useless news and information. Sleepy, yet fresh, the muse can enter at will. If not, i follow my outline into uncharted territory, being careful not to turn that annoying editor on that often squashes creativity, worrying about quotes and misspellings.

  2. That’s awesome! Congrats! Although I’ve been writing a lot of words lately, I realized this morning that I’ve written myself into a plot hole. That’s what I get from veering too far from my original outline, I suppose… and now I have to do some major decision making, and rewriting, before I can move forward again.

    1. It’s great that you’re writing a lot. I wouldn’t feel too bad about veering from the outline; I think it’s more important to create the outline than to follow it. Best of luck getting past that nasty plot hole!

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