Opening Day at Watertown Community Gardens Grove Street

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Today we held the official opening ceremony for the community garden at Grove Street. As the people gathered, we milled about and admired each other’s plots.

There’s a plot set aside for the Food Pantry, another one for children to plant, and one dedicated to pollinators. Believe or not, I have not been part of the planning for that, but I’m getting more involved. I think I have some flowers to divide and donate, like coneflowers and liatris and catmint.

In my own plot , all the lettuces I planted are growing, even the ones I nearly killed getting out the sixpack.  The shallots and onions look happy. The warm weather plants, the tomatoes and eggplants and peppers, are establishing themselves. Of the seeds I planted, maybe two rutabagas, maybe two turnips, and maybe one cilantro are coming up. Or maybe one of them is gailaan, who knows?

I had fun explaining why I put sweet alyssum on the sides: to help me visualize the grid, and — hopefully — to attract syrphid flies.  These are predatory black and yellow flies that look like tiny bees, and their larvae eat such pests as aphids. But actually, I got the most questions about the Ichiban eggplants. Maybe it’s because the plants themselves are already a beautiful purple green.

By way of ceremony, a series of people who had taken some role in making the garden happen got up and spoke. Together we blessed the gardens. And finally we cut the ribbon and ate strawberries. And cookies. And twizzlers. None of which came from the garden. Hey, give us a break! We just planted and sowed!