I finished something!

After thrashing all week with the story I have been fighting with all last year, I finally set out to write something new last night. Wouldn’t want to flub my resolution in the very first week now, would I? It still took me a while to settle in and face up to the prospect of having no idea what I was about to write.  Finally I chose a prompt: “Write about something sticky.” Slowly I established the old rhythm: stare into space, write another burst, stare into space. By the time I decided how it was going to end, the story started to look pretty stupid. Uh oh. Should I give it up?

No. Rule Two is Finish what you write.

So I pushed on, and after about three hours and 1200 words, I got to the end.  Working Title: “Stuck”. Still doesn’t seem like much of a story, but it’s done. And now I have Pam’s Corollary: Finish what you start, no matter how stupid it looks.