Story #4 is done

A pond in Burlington that I like to visit during Readercon
A pond I like to visit during Readercon

I only stayed up until 12:30 last night finishing story #4. So I suppose that’s progress. But I’m still a week behind. And I still want to write two flash stories in a week to get caught up. Anyway, this one is called “For We So Love The Worlds”, 700 words about a soul working up the courage to be born. It takes place in the same universe as story #3, and there is a connection between them, but it’s not exactly a sequel.

There’s a pool in the story which doesn’t look anything like the pond in this photo, but it’s a pool of imagination, so I don’t have a picture. I like to visit the real pond during Readercon, which is a great con for writers, so I think this is an appropriate enough image to represent story #4 in the story a week challenge. Or something.