I think I know how to properly smoke a chicken now

Today I made my third smoked chicken. Every time, I’m amazed at how steady the smokenator holds the temperature, between 225  and 250 F.  Not only was it easier than ever, but it was done on time! Four hours flat from lighting the charcoal to taking this picture. I actually got to eat while it […]


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My new barbeque toy

Just in time for the Fourth, I got a new toy. It’s a Smokenator, a metal baffle that fits into your Weber kettle grill and turns it into a smoker. The grill works great for steaks, but sometimes I want to make ribs or pulled pork, and that means barbeque smoke.

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Salmon Hot Pot

It’s been cold and rainy and nasty all day, just the weather I’ve been waiting for to make the last on my list of Japanese Hot Pots I wanted to try: Ishikari Nabe, or Salmon Hot Pot. Underneath all that salmon and tofu and mushrooms are cabbage and potatoes cooked in a miso broth. In […]

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Oh, hi, it’s Pie Day

Pie day, and I haven’t actually made a pie since last November, when I decided to revisiting the sweet potato pie of yesteryear with a sweet potato pie with pecan crust. Trouble was, I don’t really like adding sugar to sweet potatoes, so I cut back on the sweetness a hair too much. It wasn’t […]

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Attack of the mushroom hot pot

It’s still cold and I’m sti’ll making hot pots. For this one, I threw it a whole lot of things I like in hot pots. It started with kombu and cabbage. Then I scattered in buttercup squash and carrot and taro root. Finally I piled on the mushrooms: shiitake and oyster mushrooms and enokitake and […]

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Re: Japanese Hot Pots

When I went looking for 660 Curries at the library, I stumbled on Japanese Hot Pots: Comforting One-Pot Meals. It’s a beautiful book with gorgeous photos and clear recipes, that makes you eager to try them. On the book’s website, the authors, Tadashi Ono & Harris Salat, show how quickly it can go. They emphasize […]

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