My first pass at a Smokenator chicken

I couldn’t wait for the Fourth, so I smokenatored a chicken today.

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I spatchcocked the chicken, and covered it with a simple dry rub. While it rested on a rack in a cheap foil pan, I filled the smokenator compartment with charcoal and lit a few chunks separately in the chimney.

When the Weber was hot, I set the chicken down on the coal grill, next to the compartment. You can see how the water is simmering away, keeping the air moist.

I was impressed by how easily the Weber held a steady temperature. Just one little problem — the temperature was too high. I like hardwood charcoal, which burns hot. I had to really starve the fire of air to lower the heat. Then I overcorrected. And the charcoal burned away quickly, so I kept adding more. It took forever to cook. In fact it took so long, I finally gave up and finished it in the oven.

But it was good, just a bit of smoke, and the dark meat was falling off the bone.

Anyway, I know what I want to do next time.