Small carpenter bees everywhere

The Eastern Carpenter bees have tiny little cousins, called naturally enough, the Small Carpenter Bees. Instead of digging into wood, the Small Carpenter bee nests in a broken or cut stem, adding cell after cell, forming a row of larvae. When she gets to the end, she builds a cell for herself and there she […]

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Carpenter Bee on patrol

Right about when the bumblebees show up, the Carpenter bees come out too. Bumblebees are placid, fuzzy fellows that take no notice of you. While they look like extra large bumblebee, the Eastern Carpenter Bees have a shiny tail, and the males will get in your face, and tell you in no uncertain terms to […]

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Miner bees are where it begins

National Pollinator Week officially began yesterday, so that’s my excuse for doubly belatedly posting about the bees that have emerged so far this spring. Spring begins with bumblebee queens hunting for a sheltered spot to build a new nest. On sunny days, honeybees come out to forage and replenish their stores as winter ends. And the […]

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Are you ready for raspberries?

No matter how you might be feeling, time marches on. Plants grow, birds frolic, bees pollinate, and fruit ripens. I’m still picking strawberries, and already raspberries are showing their first bit of color. Last year I was surprised by raspberries right around Fourth of July. This year, they’re even sooner. Two weeks early, just like […]

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Strawberries are ripe!

I picked about a cup of these beauties today.  Like everything else, they’re early. Usually I have to wait until June for ripe strawberries, although I suppose Memorial Day weekend is about as close to June you can get and still be May. Only berry had a small bite taken out, so I think the […]

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