Penultimate Harvest

A frost warning sent me out to my community garden plot yesterday to gather all the green tomatoes that were never going to get ripe. I picked a heavy bagful of tomatoes, a few from my Butter Bush, a lot from the Rutgers, plus four more huge tomatoes from a volunteer tomato plant in my […]


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Rescuing a ladybug

I was the sort of kid who would pick up worms from the sidewalk after a rain. In fact, I still move worms back onto the grass. Lately, I seem to be making a habit of rescuing bugs from the T.

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It’s raspberry season again!

I finished eating the raspberries from the first season about a couple weeks ago. These are the second wave that comes from the fallbearing raspberries. They are Heritage raspberries, and they make big, cone-shaped berries. Most of mine are growing under the butterfly bush, and I think they pick up some of the dusky fragrance […]

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Compost fixes everything

Finally, finally one of my compost tumblers finished cooking the leaves and weeds, and finally I emptied it. So today I brought over a couple more bags of compost to my community garden plot, and the most important “finally” is that the whole plot has a layer of compost on it. The best part is […]

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