Half a chance of finishing is only half a story so far

Story number three did not cooperate with the plan. I thought I had half a chance of finishing it last night, but the middle was still too sketchy, so I’ve only got half a story. On the plus side, I think this one is a real story, a moody fantasy about gods and dark magic. […]


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I finished something!

After thrashing all week with the story I have been fighting with all last year, I finally set out to write something new last night. Wouldn’t want to flub my resolution in the very first week now, would I? It still took me a while to settle in and face up to the prospect of […]

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Strawberries: 3, Slugs: 0

It’s June, and that means strawberries. Big, bright strawberries. Handfuls of them day by day. I even remembered to put out beer traps for the slugs. Oddly enough I haven’t caught any yet. Nor have I found the characteristic circular bites taken of sweet, sweet berries. I wonder if the recent heat dried them up?

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