I managed to finish a story during NERAX

  As it’s about 400 words, that’s about 50 words a day. Which feels like about what I did. Bit by bit, adding up until I decided I was done. I’m calling it “Animal Magnetism”, not the most original title for a story about a lonely monkey. For this one, I used a set of […]


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Burning the candle on three ends

For the last month, I’ve been burning my candle on three ends. First, there’s the challenge of trying to write a story a week. Second, there’s the spring Real Ale festival that I help organize, NERAX. And the third is spreading the word about native bees, with Friends of Bees. So it’s probably not too […]

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Re: Happy Accident

One of the writers I like but haven’t read nearly enough of is an Israeli writer named Etgar Karet. There was a very good reading of one of his stories at end of the latest episode of This American Life, called “Happy Accident“.

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Story #4 is done

I only stayed up until 12:30 last night finishing story #4. So I suppose that’s progress. But I’m still a week behind. And I still want to write two flash stories in a week to get caught up. Anyway, this one is called “For We So Love The Worlds”, 700 words about a soul working […]

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Winter seeds for the birds

Last fall, I cut down all the volunteer sunflowers that had grown in my community garden plot, and brought them home. I propped them at the top of the backyard, hoping the birds would appreciate them. This morning, I finally saw that they do! A few chickadees were picking on the sunflower heads. It’s nice […]

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