Apple blossoms for May Day

The apple trees are flowering, and I can’t get enough of how pretty the blossoms are. They begin as red dots that swell to round buds with a pink blush. Both the Macintosh and the Egremont Russet trees that I planted last spring are now opening white flowers. As for the crabapple trees, they are […]

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Fruit Tree Saga

I’ve always wanted a yard full of fruit trees. When I was a child, some of our neighbors had a yard that was jam-packed, green and shady and wonderful. For a year in college, we lived in a house when all sorts of interesting citrus trees, as well as a fig and a pomegranate. (None […]

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Tarte Tatin

Ah, well, sometimes socializing trumps blogging. And sometimes socializing involves baked goods. Like maybe … apple doughnut pie!

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We who are about to pie, salute you!

Ugly little suckers, aren’t they? These are Roxbury Russets, delicious heirloom apples that makes it worth haunting the farmer’s markets asking if those russeted apples have come in yet. “Russet” means they have a thick, coarse skin that might even look like scales, but what it really is is armor–keeps the bugs out and the […]

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