A raspberry and a blueberry from the bees

Today’s harvest was brought to you by the bees. Honeybees and small carpenter bees in the raspberries. Bumblebees, too, but they’re too fast for me to get a good picture. I caught a Lasioglossum bee in the flowerhead of one of the scallions I planted last fall. And the coriander flower is showing off one […]


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Tiny bees in the raspberries

I wouldn’t be looking forward to so many fruits if it weren’t for the bees. And since National Pollinator Week starts today, it seemed like a good excuse to spend a little time this morning looking for bees. It never ceases to amaze me, how many bees you can find. The big ones buzz pretty […]

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Ad astera per apis

The asters in flower are framing the hill, in a swath of lilac cloud flowing across the top and sides. All of September, the honeybees were swooning over the sedum, and the bumbles had the asters to themselves. I’ve been trying to get a good picture of a bumble for a month now, but they […]

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Bees and Onions

This is what happens when you let an onion get away with being an onion. It was sprouting and I let it sprout. Then I planted it in the ground, and it was growing and I let it grow. Finally, it sent up a flower shoot and I let it flower.

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Bumblebee mimic

There’s so many bumblebees around but they move so quick, I’m often complaining about not getting a good picture of them. Then I saw this one, just sitting around on some flopped-over daffodil leaves. Cool! I thought. I hope it doesn’t fly away when I get close. And it just sat there. Very not like […]

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Bees in the berries

The bees are busy in the berries.  Lots of bumblebees rush from flower to flower in the raspberries. This one seems to be trying to choose between a berry in progress and a fresh flower. So many berries, so little time. And there’s other bees to compete with.

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