Winter seeds for the birds

Last fall, I cut down all the volunteer sunflowers that had grown in my community garden plot, and brought them home. I propped them at the top of the backyard, hoping the birds would appreciate them. This morning, I finally saw that they do! A few chickadees were picking on the sunflower heads. It’s nice […]

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Fledgling chickadees

This afternoon I heard a faint peeping high in the yew bushes. I looked up and just made out two little grey balls of fluff sitting on the boughs.  Fledglings. Every few minutes a grown-up chickadee would zoom in and the fledglings would call out and flutter their wings, begging for dinner. In a few […]

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Birds from a sunnier day

Here’s some pictures I’ve been saving for a rainy day (and yes, it poured today and it’s going to keep pouring, they say).  For some reason, I get excited when I see a woodpecker visiting the cat entertainment center bird feeders; I guess it seems more “woodsy” than a sparrow. Based on its size, compared […]

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June in Review

I can’t believe I made to the end of June without skipping a day in the blog. Sorry about writing so much about bees and weeds. There’s so much getting away from me, just in my own backyard. No, I’m not sorry. I like the bees. And the bold chickadee who stared right at me. […]

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