Ad astera per apis

The asters in flower are framing the hill, in a swath of lilac cloud flowing across the top and sides. All of September, the honeybees were swooning over the sedum, and the bumbles had the asters to themselves. I’ve been trying to get a good picture of a bumble for a month now, but they […]


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Sedum Autumn Joy, Full of Bees

“Autumn Joy” pink sedum is one of the easiest ways to feed your bees.  It’s one of those plants that you only have to plant once. Just pick a sunny spot and it will thrive. And every autumn, it will put up pink balls of flowers. If there are any honeybees around, they will find […]

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Bees and Onions

This is what happens when you let an onion get away with being an onion. It was sprouting and I let it sprout. Then I planted it in the ground, and it was growing and I let it grow. Finally, it sent up a flower shoot and I let it flower.

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Bee approved, mystery plant

There is no more doubt about the mystery plants. It’s a sunflower. Several sunflowers, that is. Everything about them says “Sunflower”:  the broad leaves, the flat yellow disks, the mathematical spiral in the centers, the honeybee, the green Agapostemon bee, and more bees to come.

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Feasting bees

I’m not all that fond of the grape hyacinth. The color is nice, but plant one and the next thing you know, you have thousands. Not only do they flop over at the end of spring, but resprout in the fall with more messy leaves that flop over. On the plus side, the blue seas […]

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