Relearning The Obvious

Here’s something I already knew: when I start writing at, let’s say, nine o’clock, instead of ten minutes of midnight, I actually have the energy to make serious progress. Now I’m feeling excited about “Mars Needs Worms” again.

Here’s something else I already knew: I need daily reminders that I’m going to write, no matter how excited I thought I was the day before. So I’ll have to push myself just as hard to write tomorrow.

Here’s something I’m learning: just because I have something “easy” to write with doesn’t mean I’ll actually start writing before midnight. Still not sure how to make that happen.

Finally, here’s a new yoga position that I’m learning: cat on lap, hands on keyboard.

Bottom line: blogging is fun, but the writing comes first. Have you written yet?


7 thoughts on “Relearning The Obvious

  1. Both. Blogging is giving me good practice, but (and this is going to sound horribly pretentious) it’s not the writing that’s most important to me.

  2. Meaning no real offense to all bloggers out there, but blogging isn’t writing, in the same way that most writing isn’t even writing.

    Blogging is an intersection of Sturgeon’s law (‘90% of everything is crap’) and the pointless – but often necessary – throat clearing scribbles that get you started on the real writing. Because you’re actually physically writing, blogging might be useful for practice or working through some ideas or issues, but in terms of real writing it’s about as useful as talking about your latest novel before you write it. There might be some intangible benefit, but it doesn’t compare remotely to actually getting the words that matter down on the page.

  3. I tried the warm-up theory. For me, it turns out that blogging first just becomes procrastination. I’ve switched to saving the blog for last as a reward.

  4. I like that strategy. And while marooned in a parking lot this morning, I actually did nearly all of my daily 1000 words before 10AM (usually I force them in before bed). So I’m a little psyched for the rest of the day. Also, I’m within a page or two of completing the sfd of that novel. woot!

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