I am writing a lot!

September 3 is my writing anniversary. Since that day in 2000, I have written or revised a bit of fiction every day, but it’s always been a struggle to actually get it done. At the beginning of August I was skeptical that writing at a scheduled time, as advised in How to Write A Lot, would help, but I couldn’t be sure until I tried it. Much to my surprise, it works!

In June, I was going through my usual struggles.

Average words written or revised: 400

In July, I settled on starting to write by 11 am.

Average words written or revised: 650

In August, I usually started writing by 11 am. In the first two weeks, sometimes an hour or so earlier. In the second two weeks, I became much more consistent about starting to write at just about 11 am, and the word count steadily rose.

Average words written or revised: 1100!

I’m stunned, frankly, so stunned, I slacked off for the last couple days. I’ve been trying to sustain that pace for years. I can’t believe such a simple thing could help so much. Of course, simple doesn’t mean easy, but at least now I know what I need in order to do it.

And it only took me eight years to figure this out.

2 thoughts on “I am writing a lot!

  1. Ah, but how many of these words are marketable?

    Are there two approaches to marketability?

    Consider Piers Anthony. At his peak, it looked like he was turning out a novel every three months. However, two thirds of his novels are, um, (in my opinion) not good.

    Consider Dean Koontz. Turns out a novel every eight months. Very good ones, too.

    So — Anthony is churning out good novels at the same rate as Koontz… and selling two bad ones too, in the same time interval.

    So, who are you, quality, or quantity? Do you write and keep writing? Or do you write, then polish and polish and polish until it glows in the dark?

    If the latter, does polishing an existing masterpiece get in the way of producing a new one?

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