The true virtue of public sculpture

Public sculpture of what?
Public sculpture of what?

One must when traveling is checking out the view from the hotel window, even though I’m a bit of a cheapskate frugal, so the view is usually pretty blah. This last weekend in New York, we were treated to…what is it? It’s like a giant mushroom foot cloud hippopotamus thingie.

After enjoying its awfulness, we went out and walked about and came back via more walking about, feeling by then thoroughly lost. We were pretty sure of the general direction we needed to go, just not so sure we weren’t going too far in that direction. And also not sure that I was only imagining we were going in the right direction.

Then a strange white creature hove into view, a towering conglomeration of mushroom feet like a giant stack of wings. It’s the sculpture! I don’t know what it is, but it sure is memorable.

Thank you, hideous public sculpture. Thank you!