Knocking down road blocks

I’m waking up thinking about the story again. For me, it seems the way to make that happen is to write a little at the end of the day. It’s nice waking up with story running through my head, but the end of the day used to be the time when I read books. This has me wondering when I’ll ever get any reading done, but then even before this story hit, I was reading less and less. I think it means I was getting full up to here with consuming stories and now I need to produce.

The fun part is just about every day, I come to a point where it seems like I’ve found such a major contradiction, the whole enterprise threatens to come tumbling down.  You may remember that I tried explicitly asking my muse for help early on.  Well, I didn’t exactly wake up with an answer. Maybe I failed to suspend my disbelief in the muse.

What did help was going outside and digging up weeds, while turning over possible answers in my mind, . This is something I also call the Laundry Trick, for all the times I’ve figured out something while hanging up laundry. Any sort of physical activity works. It’s also important to turn off the soundtrack. No podcasts, no listening to stories, not even music. Let the brain radio play.

When I realize I have something that makes sense, I write it down and keep going until I find the next huge problem. Good thing there’s lots of weeds.